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Your Entry Form Will Ask You To Address The Following Questions:

  1. The impact your product/system/technology has on designers, systems integrators, and/or end users. Areas to be addressed could include how it is original and innovative, how it fulfills a need in the market that hasn’t been addressed, increases productivity, leverages a novel technology, etc.
  2. The unique features of this product/system/technology as it compares to existing solutions

You will also be asked a few optional items - that will NOT have an impact on the evaluation of your entry. The data below will be used for the awards presentation and editorial coverage of honorees in Vision Systems Design. 

  • 50-word summary of your product/system technology
  • An image that represents your product, system or technology
  • Your Twitter handle

Other Details You Will Need To Provide

  • Basic contact details, including the contact details for the person scores should be sent to
  • The billing contact and purchase order number (purchase order is optional)

Optional Items You Could Upload With Your Entry:

  • Testimonials by users
  • Photos and diagrams, particularly block diagrams or flow charts that help describe how the product/system/technology works