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Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Rates

  • Entries Received through April 1st: $645 per entry
  • Three Entries: $1,400

How do I apply?
Click here for complete "how to submit" instructions.

Who can submit?
Any new product released in past 18 months prior to submission deadline.

Worried about non-disclosure agreements?  
If you have an application that you would like to submit but are worried that a non-disclosure agreement will prevent you from doing so, feel free to refer to the parties involved in general terms. 

Our product has similar specifications as other products, but one or two of its defining features set it apart from your competitors? 
This is the type of product that should be entered.

Do you have a question about whether your product or application would be a worthy entrant, or where it might fit?
Reach out on questions like these and any other by contacting Editor in Chief, Chris McLoone.

When are Honorees notified?
Honorees will be notified in 2021.

The results of this international awards program will be announced by Vision Systems Design Editorial Staff and Group Publisher.